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Suggestions for new version of bg
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Message Suggestions for new version of bg 
Recently I found a little bug in the version of bg v2.5. I little bug, in the source code bg.c the line 445:

function_name[sizeof(function_name)] = '\0';

should be:

function_name[sizeof(function_name) - 1] = '\0';

I begin to fixed this and also I rewriting the beep function for play 7 sounds and optionally specify if play it sync or async away, also specifing a other little wav file.

And I want to change other thing, but I want to ask all users of bg.

In the print function you can specify a ascii code, currently in decimal notation, this require 4 characters: \065
i you need print 20 characters, you need aprox 80 characters of line length.


But i think that if i change the notation to hexadecimal I need only 3 characters: \41
in 20 characters I saved 20 characters using the hexadecimal notation.


This allow writing batch games with lines more shorts.

You thing that change the notation from decimal to hexadecimal is good?

Also, you want suggest other thing for the new version of bg ?

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Message Suggestions for new version of bg 
Hi !

Hum, this is an interresting question Carlos.

I think that support for wav files is a really usefull. I think it will allow devellopers to do awesome game, like i've never dreamt before. So, do it, and do it well Smile

To answer to the question you asked about the decimal or hexadecimal notation, I think you should consider backward compatibility. I explain, i think that there is a kind of confidence-based relation between the software user and the software programmer. Indeed, when you create a software, you aim to provide to user the ability to do one thing, for example, but the user of the software also hopes that the way to do this thing will be the same for years (or even for ever) so that the user would not have to program the same thing twice. But, if the software programmer decides to changes se syntax of his software, despite the "agreement" that exist between user and programmer, the user's life become very anoying, because nothing works well anymore and the user must change every piece of code.

So I think that changing the way a software works is not worth as long as you do not provide support for the way the software worked. Obsviously if the change in the software does not affect widely the codes working with elder versions, you can change it. As an example, I decided to delete the '/s' option BatBox, that provided way to play "songs", because it was neither simple to use nor used by the community, so that does not affect anyone. And instead, i will add an option to allow user to make kind of sprites !

To end, i think it would be worth to make a little soft that make it possible to create sprites more easily Razz

Also, do you use skype or similar, so that we could maybe talk more easily ?

Finally, I'd like to distribute your softs, especially BG and BHX, maybe modified versions (for BHX), along with my project 'Dos9'. I think i will also rewrite the documentation of the BG and BHX, first, in French and maybe Further in english, so does it raises a problem ? This rewritting would be for a kind of man page viewer for both windows and GNU/Linux.

Bye Razz


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Message Suggestions for new version of bg 
thanks darkbatcher.
i have ready the play wav function ( and advance was the sokobox 1.1 you look it? )
and now i will change the notation in print function for ascii from decimal to hexadecimal for two reasons:

1-you specify the color in hexadecimal, then why not express the ascii value in hexadecimal.
2-you save characters in the batch file and also you increase the execution speed because cmd and also bg read less characters.

about the contract, i think that is good anyways this change.

I would like work with you in the dos9 project, i have some ideas, i have skype but i speak spanish.
please sendme a pm.

Message Suggestions for new version of bg 

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